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Player nickname: Shaun
Player DW: drunkenpandaren.dreamwidth.org
Way to contact you: (All of these are optional!)
Email: skbgarin@gmail.com
AIM: Shaun Garin
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] DrSKirk
Other: Any additional methods of contact you might want us to use.
Are you at least 15?: Yes
Current Characters: Daiki Kaitou

Character: Beet J Stag (Stag Buster)
Fandom: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

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Sep. 30th, 2013 01:10 pm
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I want to live in a world where this happens.

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Jin make this happen.
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[J has spent the day setting up a karaoke machine and getting the other Buddyroids to film it. And he has no idea how to sing Korean.

This will end well.]

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I am ready for this weekend now.

[J is dressed up in what appears to be a suit that looks oddly like Baron Salamander's Get up with flowers. He's nervously primping as he charges around the main base, drawing looks from various people as he's trying to adjust the suit that is oddly cut to his metallic frame.]

But what if she doesn't like it? Oh heart of hearts, why can't I decide? Such incredible eyes, the hidden smile under the layer of confusion, sweet love of my heart I must date Setsuna Higashi again!

Oh my dear loving songbird fly free from your bondage into my--

[Ding. Midnight. The virus is over and J is standing there stupidly for a moment.]

[And then he shrugs.]

I am not entirely certain where that came from. But I will date her. Some day.

[And back to egotist.]
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Something to note about Beet J Stag's canon is that it is tied into the Greater United Toei Multiverse. Due to a series of crossover movies and events, the loose timeline follows and applies to several canons across the board in DDD:

1974: The Riders were born, and sometime during this time, they were destroyed. As a result, Riders began to be born across the Rider Multiverse. This world was then known as The World Without Riders.

1974: During this time, Super Sentai were born, and throughout the generations, at least once a year a new team was born to fight the evils. This became the foundation for what is known as the World Without Riders, aka Super Sentai World.

1974 to 2004: Numerous other heroes were born as well, Zubat, Inazuman, but also Space Sherrif Gavan. Gavan to this day has operated on earth and in space and has become one of Earth's great heroes.

2004: The Precure were born, starting with Black and White. Officially Heartcatch predates this with Cure Ange, but the first public Precure team was Black, White and Luminous. During this time, Black and White encountered Space Police Dekaranger, and again a year later with Mahou Sentai Magiranger. This event has not happened in DDD yet. Confirmed as happened in-canon by Honoka Yukishiro ICly.

2009-2010: Kaitou enters the World Without Riders a few times, during Heartcatch and during the 2009 Era, also encounters Samurai Sentai Shinkenger by stealing Genta's Ika-chan Origami.

2012: Soon after the formation of the Smile Precure and the Go-Busters, the world enters a massive war known as the Superhero War. The Riders and Sentai are working to wipe each other out in a massive battle in the World Without Riders. This event has not happened in DDD yet.
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I will now take your comments. Call me. And did you bring any enertron?

Please state if it's IC, OOC, voice, text, video or in person


Nov. 25th, 2012 01:55 pm
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I have arrived to take your complaints, criticism and other things. For everything is about me.

IP Logging is off.
Anon enabled.
Screened replies.
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